About Us

We're simply an IT outfit with know how that is built to last.

Roundbrix, a California Corporation, was founded in 2002 based on the need for professional-grade infrastructure expertise. It's not simply about what you implement, it's about how that ensures both a positive experience and lasting value. Nor is it for the weak at heart. It takes special people.

Founder Edwin Leard, a business graduate with over fifteen years of senior IT management experience, is the President and CEO. His varied work experience encompasses planning, designing, implementing and maintaining medium to large mission-critical infrastructures and systems. Ed, along with his team of well-seasoned senior IT professionals simply know how to get the job done. Clearly understanding requirements, proper planning, and management oversight of any project is crucial to its ultimate success.

Data, voice, web and cloud-based infrastructures are 'must haves' for companies, yet improperly designed or implemented, they become a source of frustration in the form of downtime, lack of productivity and additional costs. From a costing perspective, we look not only at initial implementation, but more importantly, those costs of a recurring nature, such as support. We take all factors into consideration when looking at design and implementation. We're also expert at cloud migrations, as in many instances, this option not only makes financial sense, but it can also act as a Disaster Recovery strategy.

Whether you're wanting a turnkey solution implemented, needing assistance on a project, want a second set of eyes, or wish to partially or completely outsourcer IT support, look to us for that helping hand. We'll be there for you as we have been for our customers well over a dozen years - and we still have our first customers. This is because we are communicating effectively, and improving and reinvesting in both our people and our own technology. Technology is a vibrant industry and know how is the key to making the right decisions.

The Name Roundbrix

The name of Roundbrix has interesting roots. The idea was to come up with a name indicating non-conventional solutions for sometimes complicated infrastructure projects. There also had to be a true passion behind the name.

So here goes my best shot at an explanation. Brick is a material, but not necessarily a shape, yet when one thinks of brick - even the reference of a brick - we think of a three dimensional rectangular shape. Bricks were and are still frequently used as foundation material for edifices. Similarly, data, web and voice infrastructures are the foundations few businesses can exist without. In the end, you are either able to work through infrastructure changes or suffer the dire consequences which range ranging from excessive cost of ownership to poor performance and reliability.

The passion behind the name is in winemaking. Round is the shape of a Cabernet Sauvignon grape, much like a blueberry. Brix is the oenology term for percent sugar in grapes, which is measured and ultimately determines the time of harvest. An interesting side note is that grapes have the highest percent sugar of all fruits.

Research has yet to determine if technology changes are driving us to drink wine, or we drink wine to help us create and implement new technology strategies. At this point, our head is properly among the clouds!

IT Outsourcing in Orange County

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